Top Present-Wrapping Tips!

Can you believe there are only 46 sleeps until Christmas? Where has 2021 gone? The festive season is nearly upon us and we can surely all agree that it’s come around incredibly quickly… we’re all still reeling from 2020, after all!

Now’s the time to start thinking about what you’re going to get your nearest and dearest to put under the tree - and time to start thinking about how you plan to wrap your gifts so they really shine and get people very excited about opening them to see what’s contained within.

Even if you think you’re terrible at wrapping presents, with a few little hints and tips you’re sure to see success - and it’s not as hard as you might well think.

Firstly, make sure that the wrapping paper you go for is mid-weight and good quality. If it’s too thin, it’ll tear easily when you’re wrapping (which is highly frustrating), but if it’s too thick, you’ll find it hard to fold the corners properly. Also - while glittery paper might look beautiful, it can also be annoying to work with, as sticky-backed plastic won’t adhere very well to it.

Measuring your paper is also very important, so you have just the right amount to work with. If you have too much, it will bulk out and you may get wrinkles in the paper, spoiling the overall effect of the gift.

You can also make your present look really smart and professionally wrapped by hiding the tape. Use double-sided tape and stick the paper together from the inside for a beautifully seamless look.

As an eco-friendly alternative to paper, what about trying out Japanese wrapping cloths instead. Also known as furoshiki, these cloths can be used and reused - so absolutely perfect for anyone keen to be green in 2022!

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