Top Gifts For Him This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for loved-up couples, having been around for thousands of years to celebrate fertility, love and romance. These days, instead of sacrificing a goat like they did in the Roman times, you simply have to make your partner feel special, whether with a romantic night out or a personal gift.

Here are some great ideas on what to give your man this Valentine’s Day.


Personalised Keyrings

Make sure you are always close to your boyfriend or husband by getting him a personalised keyring. There are lots to choose from, including one with a photo of the pair of you, a keyring with co-ordinates of where you first met, or one with a personalised song code that only he will know.


Fun and games

Add some fun to your relationship by getting your hands on activity books or games you two could do on date nights. These can be great at bringing you closer together, enjoying a light-hearted evening without needing to dress up and go out.

Good Housekeeping recommends The Big Activity Book, saying: “Use it to pass the time while you wait for dinner to cook or let it become the foundation for a phones-free night of quality bonding.”


Experience days

It can be hard finding a good gift for your partners, particularly so soon after Christmas when you might have used all your ideas up. So why not get them an experience they can enjoy instead?

There are plenty of experience days you can opt for that includes the both of you, from wine tasting to a hot air balloon flight.


Beer subscription

If your guy has a penchant for craft beers, a great gift could be to set him up with a beer subscription. This will mean he can enjoy a selection of different drinks monthly, every two months or quarterly.

Likewise, if your partner prefers wine, coffee, hot sauces, funky socks, books or grooming products, you’ll be able to find a subscription service for anything he likes – and who wouldn’t enjoy receiving a good bag of gifts every few weeks?


Keepsake boxes

It is quite common for couples to collect all sorts of mementos when they first start going out, from cinema tickets to little notes for one another. Therefore, it seems only right these are kept safely in a memory box to look back on in years to come.

While this sentimentality of collecting trinkets from your time together doesn’t last long, it is still nice to reminisce about the first few months of a relationship by keeping the precious items forever.


World map

Some people fall in love while travelling; some create special memories with their boyfriend or girlfriend while exploring the world; and others look forward to a time they can jet abroad with their other half. Whichever one rings true for you, a world map could be a great gift.

You can get a pushpin or scratch map of world, enabling you to mark off each country visited together, so you can see where you two have travelled to in one quick glance.


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